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A Princess Party and a Mudfest

Good thing I didn’t put “Be diligent about keeping up with your blog” on the list cause it’s certainly been awhile. Here’s a recap of some of my May / June accomplishments:

A Fairy Princess

A Fairy Princess

Princess Days: My niece turned 3 at the end of May. I bought us matching fairy wings and wands, and we danced around my parent’s house saving imaginary people with our magic powers. In my first (and last?) attempt at scrap-booking, I made my niece a book detailing our varied adventures. Spoiler alert: It’s covered in glitter!

A Birthday Book


Dream Job: Lottery winner? Full-time theme-party attendee? Professional sofa-tester?  I would be remarkable at any of these careers, but thus far my Craigslist job-seeker ad remains unanswered.  I’ve always known my ultimate dream-job involves living in a  beach town and owning a small business. I could spend hours day dreaming of a life where I own a beachside donut shop, a beachside yoga studio, or a beachside glow-stick, pirate bar. Unfortunately, without a lucky lottery ticket or the great revelation of a secret benefactor, I can accept that #thesweetlife is going to have to be a long-term goal.

In the meantime, I’ve gotten myself a new job and for now it’s pretty super-fantastic!  I’ve moved away from accounting (which was my short-term goal) and into a finance/project management role. I’m working with a smart and exciting team, and I have rededicated myself to the notions of hard work and professional success.  It’s not the sweet life, but I’m happy with the change.

BUT… if anyone is interested in the role of secret benefactor, I can show you the business plan for my glow-stick pirate bar. Spoiler alert: It’s covered in glitter!

Dance Party!

Dance Party!

Attend a Music Festival: This one wasn’t on the list, but it really should have been! In June I attended the 3 day Governors’ Ball Music Festival held on Randall’s Island in NYC; it was the muddiest and most exhausting three days of my life. The concerts were great; we saw HAIM, MS MR, Of Monsters and Men, Cold War Kids, Alt-J, Best Coast, The Lumineers, and more. But the whole thing was ridiculous.

It's raining, it's pouring...it's tropical storming.

It’s raining, it’s pouring…it’s tropical storming.

Friday Tropical Storm Andrea pummeled us with rain and wind as we stood through our first three shows. Fortunately, we were prepared with rain boots, slickers and ponchos, which turned a cold, scary and wet experience into a weirdly brilliant one.

Mudville, USA

Mudville, USA

Saturday we returned to the venue to find the grounds demolished by both the storm and the concert-goers. Mud was everywhere. Maneuvering through the island-wide, 3-inch-deep, mud-pit was both incredibly challenging and exceptionally terrifying. The port-o-potties were a nightmare.  Ultimately, some clandestine alcohol smuggling made the experience fuzzy and buzz-y enough that the memories are now more funny than gross.

Governor's Ball Crew

Governor’s Ball Crew

By Sunday the mud had mostly dried, and we were able to have a true festival experience. The sun was scorching, the beers were flowing, and everyone was wearing glow-sticks. It was amazing.

Overall, it was the wettest, muddiest, craziest experience. If the weather’s better next year I could be persuaded to go again, but ultimately…. at 30, I’ll be way too old for this!


My Easter Princess

Better to post a late update than none at all, right?

Prior to Easter my parents and I took my niece to see the Easter Bunny. The lead-up was filled with questions like, “what does the Easter Bunny eat?” and several renditions of Here comes Peter Cottontail (of which we only know the first verse).

En route

En route

The little girl in line in front of us, Virginia (yea, I know, right!), got both stage and Bunny fright. From the sidelines my neice offered encouraging, yet probably unwelcome, tips like “smile” and “say cheeseburger”.

In my niece’s official E.B. pictures, she had the classic creeped out kid face. But luckily I was able to snap a few smiles!

Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny

But the highlight of the weekend came later when my niece softly whispered to me, “you’re my princess.” Sweetest moment of my life!

"You're my princess"

“You’re my princess”

Mid-March Update: Disney, wine and the FBI

It’s been over a month since my last post so many of you, none of you, or my mom are likely wondering, “what has Kelly been up to, and what has she crossed off her list?”. In theme with many of my prior posts, the answer to your questions are simply, “a lot, but also nothing”.

Cook like an adult: In February, I definitely embraced cooking and mastered a few simple dishes, but after a month of good, self-providing behavior, the habit fell by the wayside. When my friends Pat and KeriAnn visited from Baltimore in March, they opened my fridge and rightly questioned the contents: oranges, beer, and an expired yogurt. Ultimately, our “I’m disappointed in you” conversation ended with a proposed solution to the how-can-we-ever-quantify-Kelly’s-mastery-of-cooking conundrum you have probably been torturing yourselves with over the last month. So here goes, once I am confident I have learned to cook well enough, I will embark on a series of “Chopped” style challenges where you can invite me into your home and I will cook a meal based on the ingredients in your refrigerator and pantry. The assumption is that I will have learned how to cook various type of proteins, vegetables, and starches and can demonstrate those skills by preparing an adult meal without recipe cards, minimal online assistance, and only a single phone-a-friend lifeline. I will update the masses when I am ready to begin my cooking competency testing phase, and you can request reservations for a Chef Kane dining experience.

The most magical place on earth!

The most magical place on earth!

A million princess days: While the intention of this bucket list item was to spend time imagining, playing and essentially acting a fool with my young niece, I’m actually going to take credit for some princess days spent with my bestie, Bridget. Last week we spent our “spring break” in the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World. We rode all the rides, wore Minnie Mouse ears, and drank around the world in Epcot. I bought some princess-y souvenirs for Veda and made sure to get pictures of all her favorite characters so I feel like this somewhat counts toward my goal. Also, Bridget was super scared on most of the rides (even the kiddie ones) so it almost felt like I was experiencing Disney with a child. Thanks, B!

Minnies in Epcot

Minnies in Epcot

Take a class: I took a Wine and Pizza pairing class at New York Vintners in February with my dearest friend, Kristen. Naturally, we pre-gamed at a neighboring bar before class to ripen our palates for the wine tasting and loosen our reserves as we were placed at a large communal table full of scary strangers (we can be shy). The wine lesson was both entertaining and educational. We learned the practical meaning of terms like “dry vs. sweet” and “new world vs. old world”, and ate a slice of literally the best pizza ever tasted (pork shank, honey, and micro cilantro). So while this was definitely an instructional class about two of my biggest passions (wine and pizza) and therefore qualifies as my “Take a class” item on the list, I’m just not ready to cross it off yet. I really want to take a floral arrangement design class over the summer, and we didn’t even get diplomas from wine school so only partial credit can be awarded!

Fulfill a childhood dream: The FBI application window opened and closed at the beginning of March, and I got my application in on time. I’ll pause for applause. Last month I was telling some of my family’s Foxboro friends about my FBI agent ambitions, and received a similar reaction to what I’ve been getting from just about everyone I share this with: a head-cocked, “You?”. Maybe it’s the platinum hair, maybe it’s the fact that I flipped my hair right before pointing my finger-gun and saying, “Freeze perps”, or maybe it’s the fact that I think FBI agents say, “Freeze perps”, but nobody seems to buy me in the character of Agent Kane. Honestly, I just don’t get it.

Agent Kane

Agent Kane?