Halloween, Jury Duty and a Driver’s License Update

Final week before I turn 30 means it’s almost last call for Bucket List Updates:

Jury Duty: Last week I experienced another first for me: Jury Duty.  I had planned to wear a sequined skirt to dress for the occasion, but a quick text from my lawyer brother indicated no one, including the judges, would find my formal-wear very funny.  Eventually, I downgraded to a sequined top, because I just could not not shine during my court room debut!

I’ve always heard people complain about Jury Duty and discuss ways for circumventing the jury selection process, but I went into the courthouse excited to finally see justice in action. Unfortunately, I didn’t. I sat in the jury pool all day and was never called into the court to be questioned by the lawyers or judges. Bummer.

Just like SVU

Just like SVU

At the end of day one, our pool was dismissed. Double Bummer. I didn’t even get to eat a hot dog on the steps of the courthouse a la Jack McCoy. Womp womp.

A trick is something a whore does for money

A trick is something a whore does for money

Halloween 2013:  #nopantsaspants was the theme of this year’s costume. I dressed as a magician and was fully prepared to dazzle the audience/bar patrons with fast-paced card tricks and fists full of glitter. Unfortunately my pants-less outfit didn’t have pockets so all my magic paraphernalia had to be left at home.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I did, however, pull off a pretty impressive floating thumb trick that left everyone at the Halloween party guessing!



Could this really be the end of #nopantsaspants Halloweens? Only time will tell…

Driver’s License: It’s official! In 2-3 weeks I will have proof that I no longer live at my parent’s house in PA… as if 7 years of rent payments weren’t enough.


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