Parents are the best! Or perhaps more accurately, being spoiled by your parents is the best!!

As the biggest supporters of this year-long bucket list, my parents gifted me with an amazing opportunity to join them on a weekend trip to Vegas. For sure a Vegas trip with your parents is a lot less scandalous than a trip with your sparkle crew, but I made the most of my weekend by eating, drinking, and sequin-ing my way down the strip!


I arrived at the Wynn late on Thursday night, and my dad and I immediately began drinking our signature Manhattans. Friday I enjoyed a massage at the Encore Spa which was quite impressive. I do consider myself a spa connoisseur, and I would rank the Encore in my top 3 spa experiences!

My aunt and uncle were in Vegas for a “work reunion” and we were able to meet them for a pre-dinner drink (more Manhattans) on Friday. The topic of conversation turned to my bucket list progress, remaining milestones, and how universally bucket-list-y the items on my list appear to be.

Mom and Me

Mom and Me

On the way to dinner, my mom and I posed for selfies, got super confused about where we were (the Manhattans), finally hopped in a cab and made it to the restaurant where my dad was able to join us. Cocktails, steaks, and more cocktails eventually lead us to the Roulette tables, and after a few winning spins, we called it a night.

Lucky Hook Hand

Lucky Hook Hand

Saturday morning I donned my second sequined outfit, and we set off on our Casino Crawl. We stopped in the Venetian, Casino Royale, Caesars, the Bellagio, Paris, and even had lunch at the Eiffel Tower. It was the perfect way to see the sights (the inside of casinos)!

Did umm... did Caesar live here?

Did umm… did Caesar live here?

Saturday evening (in my third sequined outfit) we went to see the Beatles LOVE show at the Mirage. It was amazing! I did get sweaty palms during some of the acrobatics, but it was an dazzling show!

Dad and me at the show

Dad and me at the show

Sunday morning we hit the pool at the Wynn. The sun was just hot enough to bake me up in an hour. Perfect.



Finally my gracious parents put me in an airport taxi and sent me back to the east coast.

Overall it was great weekend and a great trip. It definitely could have been wilder (I mean we didn’t even snap the glow sticks I brought), but I think it was the perfect first trip to Vegas!

Thanks, Mom and Dad!


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