A Passport and a Dip!

The end is near! I’m 9 weeks away from the big 3-0, and I still have a lot to accomplish. I’ve got a pretty crazy schedule lined-up over the next 2 months to tackle as many bucket list items as possible, so keep your fingers crossed…

Part of the gang at Fishheads

Part of the gang at Fishheads

Skinny dipping: My college buddies and I spent a week in the Outer Banks lounging on the beach, drinking beers, reading books, and jumping into the ocean nekkid.

That’s a partial lie.

Three of us did it, and only once. Under the cover of night, and with a courage fueled by margaritas and beers we snuck onto the beach, doffed our swim suits, and ran into the ocean. It was terrifying (super dark and in the shadow of Shark Week) and exhilarating (no clothes!), but being older means being wiser and we all agreed it would be horribly embarrassing to get stung by a jellyfish on the private bits.

Long walk to the beach!

Long walk to the beach!

Passport: I finally applied for a passport renewal. Now I just have to wait 6 weeks to receive it. Since my calendar is jam-packed with weekend trips and activities over the next 2 months, it looks like I’ll be making at last minute trip to the International House of Pancakes to cross this one off the list. Not complaining.

My new hat!

My new hat!

Also, my mom turned 60 this past weekend!  There was a lot of birthday discussion around the items on her bucket list and she assured me marathons and skydiving didn’t make the cut.

Greatest Mom in the World!

Greatest Mom in the World!



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