A Princess Party and a Mudfest

Good thing I didn’t put “Be diligent about keeping up with your blog” on the list cause it’s certainly been awhile. Here’s a recap of some of my May / June accomplishments:

A Fairy Princess

A Fairy Princess

Princess Days: My niece turned 3 at the end of May. I bought us matching fairy wings and wands, and we danced around my parent’s house saving imaginary people with our magic powers. In my first (and last?) attempt at scrap-booking, I made my niece a book detailing our varied adventures. Spoiler alert: It’s covered in glitter!

A Birthday Book


Dream Job: Lottery winner? Full-time theme-party attendee? Professional sofa-tester?  I would be remarkable at any of these careers, but thus far my Craigslist job-seeker ad remains unanswered.  I’ve always known my ultimate dream-job involves living in a  beach town and owning a small business. I could spend hours day dreaming of a life where I own a beachside donut shop, a beachside yoga studio, or a beachside glow-stick, pirate bar. Unfortunately, without a lucky lottery ticket or the great revelation of a secret benefactor, I can accept that #thesweetlife is going to have to be a long-term goal.

In the meantime, I’ve gotten myself a new job and for now it’s pretty super-fantastic!  I’ve moved away from accounting (which was my short-term goal) and into a finance/project management role. I’m working with a smart and exciting team, and I have rededicated myself to the notions of hard work and professional success.  It’s not the sweet life, but I’m happy with the change.

BUT… if anyone is interested in the role of secret benefactor, I can show you the business plan for my glow-stick pirate bar. Spoiler alert: It’s covered in glitter!

Dance Party!

Dance Party!

Attend a Music Festival: This one wasn’t on the list, but it really should have been! In June I attended the 3 day Governors’ Ball Music Festival held on Randall’s Island in NYC; it was the muddiest and most exhausting three days of my life. The concerts were great; we saw HAIM, MS MR, Of Monsters and Men, Cold War Kids, Alt-J, Best Coast, The Lumineers, and more. But the whole thing was ridiculous.

It's raining, it's pouring...it's tropical storming.

It’s raining, it’s pouring…it’s tropical storming.

Friday Tropical Storm Andrea pummeled us with rain and wind as we stood through our first three shows. Fortunately, we were prepared with rain boots, slickers and ponchos, which turned a cold, scary and wet experience into a weirdly brilliant one.

Mudville, USA

Mudville, USA

Saturday we returned to the venue to find the grounds demolished by both the storm and the concert-goers. Mud was everywhere. Maneuvering through the island-wide, 3-inch-deep, mud-pit was both incredibly challenging and exceptionally terrifying. The port-o-potties were a nightmare.  Ultimately, some clandestine alcohol smuggling made the experience fuzzy and buzz-y enough that the memories are now more funny than gross.

Governor's Ball Crew

Governor’s Ball Crew

By Sunday the mud had mostly dried, and we were able to have a true festival experience. The sun was scorching, the beers were flowing, and everyone was wearing glow-sticks. It was amazing.

Overall, it was the wettest, muddiest, craziest experience. If the weather’s better next year I could be persuaded to go again, but ultimately…. at 30, I’ll be way too old for this!


4 thoughts on “A Princess Party and a Mudfest

  1. Allison Montigny


    I came across your blog via fb this morning and read every post on my way into work. I loved every word! What an awesome blog! You elicited several laughs and even a few tears. I had to pretend it was allergies so no one thought I was a sissy. I especially loved the goal to be more fearless and that shyness was not an excuse. I certainly feel your pain there!

    I would like to request that you make more posts so I can have more to read. 😉

    You’ll be happy to know that you’ve inspired me to get my own blog up and running again! Now, if I could just conquer that follow-through…

    And just so you know, turning 30’s not that bad. I, too, don’t plan to ever fully grow up, but now that I’m in my 30s, I can be immature and no one thinks I’m still a kid. Just an immature adult! It’s much better that way.

    Good luck conquering the rest of your list! Hope to see you soon!

    Much love,

    P.S. Is this the longest reply post you’ve ever had?
    P.P.S. This is Allison Trumble, in case you didn’t know my last name. 🙂

    1. countrymousek Post author

      Thanks, Allison! I’ve a lot to accomplish over the next two months, so you’ll have plenty of reading material for your commute!

      I’m coming up to Boston in September, so we’ll have to plan something bucketlist-y! Can’t wait to see you and meet the girls!

      1. Allison Montigny

        Oh that’s great! I can’t wait! Are you coming when my dad visits or another time?

        I would love to do something bucketlist-y, but I don’t know, I am 33 and therefore, pretty much an old lady. 😉

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